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Sporting News, Sporting Schedules | Washington, DC
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Sports TalkBasketball - Sporting News

You don’t lose track of your favorite athlete or team’s highlights and events with Sports Talk... available only on World Of Our sports announcers and reporters will cover and discuss Youth, High School, College sports, from athletes and team game stats, schedules, playoff, and tournaments to the Super Bowl.

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At this time, our site is under construction as we begin to add new features. These features includes each sports history. Allows you to follow your favorite sports, athlete and teams closer than ever before. You will experience the newer more sophisticated digitally-focused technology in providing live competitive sports game's and highlights.

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WORLD OF SPORTS.COM, was established in 1992 as the first Youth Sports World-Wide-Web site. Our conglomerate included All Star Sports Publishing aka WebScout and WebScout Recruiters Report, Basketball Chalk Talk - an online Youth Sports Coaches Forum, The Spirit of Competition - a Youth Ball Sports Directory of Tournaments, Camps and Clinic's in a 50 States registery... and Usayball - a not-for-profit Youth ball Sports Development and Advocacy organization. We look forward to providing you the latest sporting news, latest sporting goods (shoes,gear,uniforms, sports attire) and services among other features. WORLD OF SPORTS.COM will offer you the sports Athlete, fans and enthusist's all there is to keep-you-updated on your favorite sports. You can obtain event tickets, arrange accommodations (Air- Hotel and ground transportation) packages for all US-based sports and entertainment events.

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